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Why are there so many alarms on my watch?
Athletes in training often eat many small meals, rather than the typical three. We include multiple alarms on our watches to enable you to divide your day into manageable portions. Multiple alarms also make for a better alarm clock.

What if I don't want my watch to beep at the press of every button?
In Time mode, you can press the upper-right button to turn off the button-confirmation tone.

Why would I need to send my watch to a service center to get the battery replaced?
Many of our watch designs use special gaskets that create a seal between the back plate and the watch case. In our experience, when you, or even a skilled jeweler, try to replace the watch battery, the gasket is frequently replaced improperly, eventually resulting in water damage. In addition to ensuring that your watch is watertight, our service centers will clean the components and replace damaged parts. Customer feedback on the price, duration and headache of this process has prompted us to start putting user-serviceable battery hatches in our watches whenever possible.

Does Nike make watches for women?
Yes. The Imara Collection was designed specifically for women after years of research and design. Its shape and features are tuned specifically to what we heard women say they wanted; a watch that was intuitive to use, had the functions they needed, and could be worn all day, not just during their workout. Imara comes in three styles: Heart Rate Monitor, Run (with 43-lap memory) and Fit (with basic chronograph).

Why are there three different versions of the same watches for different countries?
The communication protocol of radio-frequency devices is controlled by governmental agencies, which allocate a certain spectrum or channels to certain types of devices. Our different versions of some of our monitoring products exist to match the spectra of those countries.

What is Power Save?
Power Save is a feature that works like "sleep" mode on a computer. If you set Power Save at four hours, then avoid pushing buttons for four hours, the display of your watch will shut down. The watch is still operating, but the battery is not being used to power the display. Push any button to turn on the display.

What is the difference between 100 meter water resistance and 10 bar water resistance?
The word "Bar" refers the standard pressure of the weight of air when measured at sea level. Pressure increases underwater. A watch that is water-resistance-rated at 10 bar (10 times the pressure at sea level) is sometimes said to have 100-meter resistance. Five bar = 50 meters, and so on. But this is not completely accurate. If you take a 10-bar watch to a depth of 100 meters, then tap the face, it may implode. It's better to think of three bar as acceptable for bathing and swimming, five bar for water sports that involve diving and swimming underwater, and 10 bar and above acceptable for scuba diving in less than 30 meters of water. Remember also that you can't press buttons underwater without risking water damage.

Where do I find out how to train properly? (USA) has training resources for runners. Also, most Nike Towns have running clubs affiliated with them. This can be a great place to meet other runners and find people to train with. There are also organizations like Team In Training and a number of running magazines that have resources or links to resources that can help you get started. Finally, fitness clubs can put you in touch with trainers who can help you develop a fitness plan. Whatever you do, be sure to talk to a health professional before beginning a training plan. We don't say this just for legal reasons. The first step in accomplishing any sport goal involves identifying your current level of fitness. If you are smart about not training beyond your abilities, you will have the best chance of avoiding injury and achieving your goals.

What should I do if my watch strap breaks?
Some of our watches feature an integrated strap and case design, eliminating the pins, a notorious weak point on most watches. It is usually impossible to replace this type of strap. However, if your strap breaks, you can send your watch to a repair center for a repair estimate. If it's within the warranty period, they will replace or repair it. Unfortunately, very few retail locations sell replacement straps. If you need a strap, contact a service center.

Why does the color of my band change over time?
The pigment in most polyurethane straps fades as a result of exposure to ultraviolet light. We now test all pigments and materials in a UV light box, requiring that that the watch maintain acceptable appearance for three or more years.

How do I avoid injury while training?
The harder and longer you train, the greater the chance of injury. It makes sense to be smart about the intensity and duration of your workouts. Heart-rate monitors and speed-and-distance monitors are great tools to help you train smart. As a rule of thumb, don't increase your distance by more than 10 percent per week. Use interval training to familiarize your body to higher intensity output. Also, wear good shoes and stretch after exercise.

Where can I buy a battery for my watch?
We use very common watch batteries that are readily available.

How can I adjust the date on my analog watch?
Pulling the crown of the watch out half way will allow you to adjust the date without adjusting the time.

Why would I buy a Nike heart rate monitor?
Our philosophy on heart rate monitors distinguishes us from the competition. Simple is good. We want you to take that heart-rate number and really learn from it. Our goal is to elevate heart rate data so that it provides real information, knowledge, even inspiration. That's why we focus on making our monitors easy to use. It's why our monitors contain a CD-ROM full of information. We succeed when you succeed, and not until then.

How do I change a watch battery?
If the back case is sealed, you will need to send the watch to our authorized service center. If the watch has a battery hatch, you should be able to change it yourself. After opening the battery hatch, you may need to remove a small clip that holds the battery in place. If this is the case, it's best to have a jeweler replace the battery. The greatest risk of changing the battery yourself, or having a jeweler do it, is that the gasket will not be replaced properly. This can cause water damage. We recommend using a Nike service center.

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